Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turning Into Straight Lines EP


we've finally, after months of negotiations, deliberations, and exhaltations, spurned the majors, said "no thanks" to the indies and decided to release our first EP "Turning Into Straight Lines" for free (or kindly donation) on bandcamp.

The tracklisting is:
1. Architecture
2. Get Ghost
3. Pain Don't Hurt
4. All Over

Official Un-official liner notes:
released 21 June 2011
Instamatic is TJ Adams, Steven Haslam, Rick Mitchell and Philip Schorn. Track One was produced by Thomas Kee (Designer Drugs), Matt Coogan (Solus) and Instamatic. All other songs produced by Matt Coogan and Instamatic. Vocals recorded by Matt Coogan and Mike Robinson (Robai). Background vocals by Rose Luardo (Sweatheart) and Mike Robinson.

please download it here:

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